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MON-SUN: 10.00 - 21:00


3 June 2021


Twelve months ago, our bearcat gave birth to a healthy baby named Jimmy. This little baby grew up at Jakarta Aquarium and Safari. Finally on 25th May 2021, JAQS family celebrated his first birthday by giving him a surprise at the end of the Interactive Feeding Show. We prepared Jimmy’s favorite fruit as his gift. We also invite virtual friends from Instagram @jakartaaquarium through Instagram Live for celebrating Jimmy’s first birthday together. We are also giving opportunities for the visitors to feed and take a picture with Jimmy. Happy Birthday Jimmy The Binturong !
7 May 2021

Ketupat Tunnel

A new photo spot is now available at Jakarta Aquarium & Safari!
7 May 2021

Welcome, Owl!

New member is joining the Jakarta Aquarium & Safari family! The spotted wood owl and barn owl are ready to welcome you here at Jakarta Aquarium & Safari.
7 May 2021

Human Claw

Giant Human Claw is here once again! Be the ‘human claw machine’ and take the snack as many as possible from the prize pool!
4 May 2021

Ninja on the wall

Valid until 13 May 2021
3 May 2021

Ngabuburit Tempo Doeloe

Valid until 9 May 2021
2 May 2021

Animal Photo Competition

Valid until 10 August 2021