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19 July 2022

Meet Our New Family, The Capuchin Monkey!

Meet our new family, The Capuchin Monkey! They came from South America and commonly found upside the trees. They can live in the wild up to 25 years, or in conservation place like JAQS to 45 years. When you meet the Capuchin Monkey and caught them raising their brows, it means they're flirting with their partner. Let's meet them only at Jakarta Aquarium & Safari!
13 January 2022

Black & White Ruffed Lemur

Hi! Do you like to dance with me? I am the famous Black and White Lemur from Madagascar! You cannot find us except in Madagascar because we are the endemic species of Madagascar. Flowers and plants in Madagascar forest need us because we distribute their pollens. Did you know? we are the largest pollinator by body size in the world!
6 September 2021


An exciting new member of Jakarta Aquarium & Safari is here now! Prevost’s squirrel, found in Thai-Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra, is important for our forest because it helps the seeds distribution of fruiting plants. The squirrel carries the fruits far away and drops the seeds somewhere when finished the meal And did you know what? Its fluffy tail gives protection from cold temperature at night. They will wrap the tail around the body to keep the body warm.